Mahindra Sez Industrial Area

Mahindra Sez Industrial Area

About Mahindra SEZ

Mahindra SEZ is a multi-product special economic zone promoted by Mahindra Group and RIICO. The intent behind the zone is to transform Jaipur into an Economic Nerve Centre. The special zone spreads over an area of 3000 acres and is located on National Highway 8 which is the Jaipur-Ajmer Highway. If you are planning to invest in your business and expand through a commercial property, you must think of Mahindra SEZ. It is an integrated city that comprises retail and social infrastructure, industrial parks, and SEZs.

Our services in Mahindra SEZ

Sthapatya Leasing Company is a leading commercial property services provider in Mahindra SEZ. Our wide network of connections can help you find properties to cater to your different kind of needs:
  • Pre-leased properties in Mahindra SEZ: We can find for you the best arrangements for pre-leased properties in Mahindra SEZ. Pre-leased properties are those which are owned by someone else but the owner now wishes to sell them. These commercial properties that we choose for you will already have tenants, the details of which will be verified by us. You can mention your preference to our representative who can then sort from the pre-leased places. Your returns will be guaranteed. The approximate cost for a pre-leased property at present ranges from Rs.2500/sq ft.
  • Agriculture Land in Mahindra SEZ: Considering the development efforts put into Mahindra SEZ, we strongly recommend that if you wish to buy agricultural land in Mahindra SEZ, invest your money here. Sthapatya can pick some suitable deals for you to get agricultural lands in Mahindra SEZ.
  • Industrial-Commercial Property in Mahindra SEZ:Mahindra SEZ is connected very well to the major part of the city with high-class roads. It is a highly developed commercial area to support your business. Investing money for industrial-commercial property in Mahindra SEZ is a safe option with Sthapatya. We will do all the matches for you.
  • Joint Ventures in Mahindra SEZ:Buying a commercial property without assistance can leave you with dead money. Ask for our help if you want to be wise and have a limited budget to buy a property. We will put you in the joint venture. The idea is to connect you with the best team for better prospects.
  • Warehouse leasing services in Mahindra SEZ:If you are looking for a place to store your raw materials or finished goods, we provide warehouse leasing services in Mahindra SEZ. We assure you that the property rates will fall well within your budget.
For any kinds of commercial leasing property requirements, contact Sthapatya Leasing. The properties we recommend are majorly government-approved leaving absolutely no room for dispute. We assure you of quality services with the least indulgence from your end.

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