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Sthapatya Leasing, founded in 2008 by CA Ritesh Agarwal and later joined by co-founder Arpit Yagnik in 2021, is a significant player in India’s preleased property domain. Specializing in preleased properties across 38 cities, the company offers opportunities for investment in various sectors, including retail, banks/ATMs, and commercial offices in Jaipur. Sthapatya Leasing ensure zero waiting time for returns. Discover how their expertise in dispute-free properties with fixed rental returns makes them a preferred choice for preleased property investment in India.

Benefits of Investing in Preleased Properties with Sthapatya Leasing:

  • Assured Returns: Preleased properties provide immediate returns, eliminating any waiting period for investors.
  • Tenant Diversity: Properties are leased to reputable tenants such as banks, ATMs, commercial offices, and retail shops, ensuring steady rental income.

Return on Investment (ROI):
Sthapatya Leasing aims to maximize returns for investors. Typical ROI ranges include:

  • Retail Shops: 4.5% to 6% per annum
  • Bank/ATMs: 4.5% to 6% per annum
  • Commercial Offices: 5% to 8% per annum

Advantages of Preleased Property Investments:

  • Immediate Returns: Rental income starts from day one of the investment, providing a regular income stream.
  • Zero Waiting Period: Immediate returns from day one of the investment.
  • Regular Rental Returns: Tenants are reputable entities like banks, ATMs, and commercial offices, ensuring stable income.
  • Faster Capital Appreciation: Preleased properties tend to appreciate faster, as the next buyer pays a premium for the preleased option.
  • Rent Discounting: Investors can raise capital from banks/financial institutions through rent discounting, using stable rent receivables as collateral for low-rate financing.

Why Choose Sthapatya Leasing:

  • Established foothold in the market over the years.
  • Provides a variety of preleased properties, encompassing commercial, industrial, retail, and residential spaces throughout India.
  • Expertise in sourcing profitable properties leased to reputable entities, including banks, software companies, retail brands, and more.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1: What makes Sthapatya Leasing stand out in India’s preleased property sector?

A:Sthapatya Leasing stands out due to its diverse portfolio, nationwide presence, and expertise in providing dispute-free properties with fixed rental returns.

Q.2: How are returns calculated, and what can investors expect?

A:Returns vary from 4.5% to 8% per annum, depending on the property type. Investors can anticipate tailored returns that align with market standards.

Q.3:Why is the focus on strong tenants crucial for Sthapatya Leasing?

A:Strong tenants, including banks, ATMs, and corporate offices, contribute to the stability and reliability of preleased properties, making them an attractive investment.

Q.4: How does Sthapatya Leasing ensure dispute-free properties?

A: Sthapatya Leasing employs a meticulous screening process and legal expertise to guarantee dispute-free properties, offering investors a hassle-free investment experience.

Q.5: What is the significance of fixed rental returns in preleased property investment?

A:Fixed rental returns add an extra layer of security, ensuring a predictable income stream for investors, making it a low-risk investment avenue.

Q.6: Why is the geographical spread of Sthapatya Leasing important for investors?

A:Operating in 38 cities provides investors with a nationwide canvas, mitigating risks and tapping into emerging markets for maximum returns.


In summary, Sthapatya Leasing is a powerhouse in the preleased property sector, providing investors with the opportunity for immediate returns, stable tenants, and potential for capital appreciation.

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