List of top 15 industrial areas in Jaipur – Invest, Rent, Lease & Buy

Before we embark on our journey through the industrial landscapes of Jaipur, let’s underscore the significance of industrial areas. These zones serve as the backbone of economic development, providing employment opportunities, fostering innovation, and contributing to the overall growth of the region.

Jaipur, the Pink City, is not just a tourist haven; it’s also a thriving hub of industrial activity. The city’s numerous industrial areas play a crucial role in fostering economic growth and job creation. In this article, we will delve into the various industrial zones in Jaipur, each contributing uniquely to the city’s industrial prowess.

1. Mahindra SEZ Industrial Area

In the southern part of Jaipur, the Mahindra SEZ Industrial Area shows that the city is really focused on growing the economy and encouraging new ideas.Known for its modern infrastructure and strategic location, Mahindra SEZ attracts businesses seeking a dynamic and well-connected industrial base.

Mahindra SEZ is a multi-product special economic zone promoted by Mahindra Group and RIICO. The goal of the zone is to turn Jaipur into a central hub for the economy. The special zone spreads over an area of 3000 acres and is located on National Highway 8 which is the Jaipur-Ajmer Highway.

If you are planning to invest in your business and expand through a commercial property, you must think of Mahindra SEZ. It is an integrated city that comprises retail and social infrastructure, industrial parks, and SEZs.

2. Solitaire Industrial Area

Solitaire Industrial Area, a concealed treasure in Jaipur’s industrial landscape, provides an ideal environment for businesses to thrive. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and efficiency, this area has gained prominence as a favored destination for industries seeking a harmonious balance between growth and environmental responsibility.

Solitaire Industrial Park, developed by KGK Infra Group, is a monumental project designed to promote businesses. The available lands range from 500 to 4000 square yards, catering to diverse industry needs. Conveniently located on NH-8, Solitaire Industrial Park offers connectivity to both Delhi and Jaipur city, enhancing its appeal as an ideal industrial destination.

3. Bagru Industrial Area
Nestled on the outskirts of Jaipur, Bagru Industrial Area boasts a well-developed landscape with essential amenities. Positioned 35 kilometers away from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Ajmer road, it enjoys seamless connectivity with well-laid roads. Schools, colleges, hospitals, and various commercial establishments enhance its appeal. This industrious zone exhibits a balanced occupancy profile, with 43% dedicated to commercial shops, 14% to industrial land, and the remaining 43% serving as residential plots. Venturing into the rural landscapes, Bagru Industrial Area Eoffers a distinctive fusion of tranquility and industrial dynamism, attracting a diverse range of enterprises and highlighting Jaipur’s industrial versatility.

4. Sitapura Industrial Area

Established in 1990, Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur plays a pivotal role in fostering manufacturing and employment. Nestled just 5 km away from the Sanganer Jaipur railway station and 19 Km from Jaipur Railway Junction, this strategic location near Jawahar Circle and Airport Road ensures convenient accessibility. Boasting well-constructed roads, it has become a thriving hub for various industries, including automobiles, carpet, polyfills, corrugated paper, cartons, packing material, diamond tools, and more. Managed by the Sitapura Industrial Association, formed in 1996, it addresses developmental challenges and facilitates communication between industrial setups and government bodies. This industrious zone exemplifies sustained growth, with numerous big companies contributing to its dynamic landscape.

5. VKI – Vishwakarma Industrial Area

Vishwakarma Industrial Area, a prominent hub in Jaipur, Rajasthan, has been a driving force in the city’s industrial development for over two decades. Encompassing a vast cluster spanning more than 500 acres, it is a powerhouse of employment, providing livelihoods to over 10,000 workers. Dhanakya and Bindayaka Rail Way Stations are conveniently nearby, facilitating transportation. This industrial mecca hosts a diverse array of major units, from textiles and chemicals to engineering and food processing. With robust infrastructure, including electricity, roads, and water supply, Vishwakarma Industrial Area has become a cornerstone of Jaipur’s economy, generating substantial revenue for the state. The continuous growth of industries in the region is supported by government incentives, making it an attractive destination for manufacturing units. Beyond its industrial prowess, the area is a tourist hotspot, housing renowned attractions like Jaipur Palace and Hawa Mahal. Vishwakarma Industrial Area is not only a symbol of Jaipur’s industrial success but also a thriving locality, with various properties available for sale and rent, showcasing the city’s continued growth and development.

6. 22 Godam Industrial Area
22 Godam Industrial Area, an esteemed warehouse facility in Jaipur, stands as one of the city’s oldest industrial hubs. Initially comprising 22 godowns, this area has evolved into a sprawling industrial center, strategically located just 5 minutes from the railway station. Whether for purchase or rent, warehouses are readily available in this prime industrial zone. Positioned at the heart of the city, 22 Godam facilitates seamless business operations for numerous manufacturers.

In terms of residential offerings, 22 Godam is also a prominent locality with well-known projects like Akash Ganga Apartment, Vedant Height, and Neelkanth Heights. Situated near Lal Kothi, Sodala, Civil Lines, Ramnagar, and Hasanpura, the area has a lively neighborhood. With easy access to important roads like Sardar Patel Marg, Ajmer Road, Bhawani Singh Road, and Saharkar Marg, 22 Godam has great transportation connections. The Bais Godam Railway Station and Civil Lines Metro Station further enhance accessibility. With proximity to employment hubs like Ajmer Road, Jhotwara Industrial Area, Mansarovar Industrial Area, Vishwakarma Industrial Area, and Mahindra World City, 22 Godam is a pivotal hub in Jaipur’s industrial and residential landscape.

7. RamchandraPura Industrial Area

RamchandraPura Industrial Area, a prime location for commercial ventures, offers lucrative opportunities for buying or leasing properties. Situated approximately 19 km from Jaipur via Jagatpura road, this rapidly developing industrial zone is dotted with numerous commercial establishments, predominantly RIICO approved. Our team of property experts can guide you towards the best investments, be it agricultural, pre-leased, commercial, or warehouse properties in RamchandraPura. Adjoining Sitapura Industrial Area, this RIICO-plotted industrial gem spans 395 acres and is known for its sizable plots, ideal for godowns and industrial manufacturing. Renowned for art and handicraft industries, RamchandraPura is also a sought-after location for warehouses and godowns, owing to its proximity to Tonk Road and Ring Road. Apply for a RIICO plot in RamchandraPura Industrial Area through the official auction website for a chance to secure a significant piece of Jaipur’s industrial landscape. With its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and diverse industries, RamchandraPura Industrial Area remains highly sought after for large industrial land and sheds in Jaipur.

8. Other Industrial Areas in Jaipur

8.1. Overview of Jaipur Apparel Park – A Hub of Textile Industries

Our exploration begins with Jaipur Apparel Park, a bustling center for textile industries. Nestled in the southern part of the city, this industrial area is a testament to Jaipur’s rich textile heritage. From traditional handlooms to modern manufacturing units, Jaipur Apparel Park encapsulates the evolution of the textile industry.

8.2. The Rise of Malviya Industrial Area in South Jaipur

Malviya Industrial Area, located in the southern part of Jaipur, has emerged as a powerhouse for industrial activities. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a strategic location, this area has become a magnet for businesses looking to establish a robust industrial presence in Jaipur.

8.3. Bassi Industrial Areas – Powerhouses in the South

The industrial corridors of Bassi, extending through Malviya Industrial Area, form a network of powerhouses in the south. These areas not only contribute to the industrial landscape but also play a pivotal role in shaping the economic trajectory of southern Jaipur.

8.4. Navigating Bindayaka and EPIP Industrial Areas

Moving on, we explore Bindayaka and the EPIP Industrial Area in Sitapura. These zones are marked by their strategic location and accessibility, making them preferred choices for businesses seeking a well-connected and efficient industrial base.

8.5. Jhotwara Ext. – The Northern Industrial Corridor

The northern industrial corridor extends through Jhotwara Ext., showcasing the region’s industrial diversity. From manufacturing to logistics, Jhotwara Ext. is a key player in shaping the industrial narrative of North Jaipur.

8.6. Kaladera – Connecting the North with Industrial Opportunities

Kaladera emerges as a vital link connecting the northern industrial zones with ample opportunities. This area acts as a bridge, facilitating industrial growth and collaboration between different parts of Jaipur.

8.7. Kant Kalwar (Ext.) and Kukas – Rural Gems in the North

Venturing into the rural gems of the north, Kant Kalwar (Ext.) and Kukas stand out as areas fostering industrial growth in harmony with the natural landscape. These zones epitomize the balance between rural charm and industrial progress.

8.8 Mansarovar – The Southern Industrial Landscape

In the southern landscape, Mansarovar takes center stage as an industrial hub. With modern facilities and a strategic location, Mansarovar contributes significantly to the industrialization of the southern part of Jaipur.

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